There’s nothing like the pain of stepping barefoot over a small lego piece you forgot to pick up from the floor. Everybody went through this if you had at least one set of these awesome plastic brick. One of the large downsides of Lego bricks is that they don’t bend – at all! Building cars and ships is fun with regular Lego pieces, but the overall rigidity gets boring after a while. Flexo, a kickstarter project, aims to solve the issue by adding bendable tendons into the mix.

Flexo plastic bricks can be mounted together with plastic tendons that can bend up to 180 degrees without damage. This opens doors towards new construction models: bouncing, bending and arching. Elements like a bouncing net, a catapult or a car suspension are achievable using Flexo tendons.

Plastic tendons straps into the snug fit. However, Flexo recommends fitting them between two bricks when you aim for strong twists. Twisting gives a whole new degree of mobility in building. Tank tracks, dampers, spring loaded mechanisms – you can build them all. Flexo project is now taking on pre-orders on Kickstarter. The minimum bid is $1, however you need at least $30 for a healthy set.

If you place your order now, you should expect to get a delivery sometime around January 2017. There are just 10 days left so it is time to order if you really want to bend it.

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