If you own an iPhone 5 or any newer version, you are eligible for the Marble iPhone Dock by Native Union. I can’t think of a home where this little piece of jewelry wouldn’t fit in perfectly. It does, because it’s made with attention to details, with care for the customer. At the base, the aircraft grade aluminum disk gives it a sleek outlook.

You can also navigate the screen as the chargnig takes place, with the back support provided within the geometry of the device. So no new notification gets forgotten. You can forget about it, plugged in, while your gadget is connected to a bluetooth speaker, creating a perfect atmosphere for a cozy October evening.

Also, the case can be on or off. It’s available on black and white, the 4-foot MFi Certified Ligthning Cable being set in a complementary tone. The white veins give it a classy touch. Having it set-up shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. It’s also available for iPad, iPod Nano and others.

When people are coming by at your place, don’t tell them about it. Let them figure it out, because they will. The Marble iPhone Dock is remarkable. We like it a lot and we believe you should give it a look too.

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