Plugfones Liberate 2.0 is the complete overhauling of sound isolation being stripped down to its bare essential. The creators call them the site where earplugs meet earbuds. Actually, it is a perfect combination.

Listen to music and get the hard work done. You pay for a high-performance Bluetooth controlled pair of headphones, and you receive far more than that. Any environmental noise you endure while, let’s say, you’re at work, is practically cancelled.

They might look a bit too edgy at first, but they ensure the comfort you need all throughout the time you use them.

They come in two color schemes:  black, and  blue & yellow. A full charge can give you up to 12 hours of playback. In a hurry? Two hours are granted with just five minutes of charging. Micro USB, (and not USB Type-C) is the technology used.

Plugfones Liberate is one of the good, easy to appreciate projects on Kickstarter right now. Because they’re innovative, it’s that simple twist bringing miles of originality.

Depending on the plugs you’re using, which can be foam or silicone, the noise reduction capability is between 23 and 26 dB. This is up to par with the certified national standards in the US. Of course, the mic is also noise isolating.

You can also control the volume, call management or the song which is being played with the so-called Quickdraw. Three easy to access buttons give you just that.

You can have them used on various occasions. While sleeping, like I would do, at work or at the gym. Plugfones were tested and deemed safe. Based on their Kickstarter timeline, they should arrive at your doorstep this October.

Back the project on Kickstarter and get a discounted Plugfones set.


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