What’s neater then a drone? A drone that totally looks like a futuristic airplane! Parrot, a tech company, is making huge waves with it’s newest product. It’s new Disco drone takes design and flight to the next level entirely by itself. The single charge battery hangs on for a solid 45 minutes of flight. All things considered that’s a pretty decent time. Oh, and was it mentioned that this flies up to 50 Miles per hour? Also, That means that it flies 50 Miles an hour for 45 minutes. That’s an impressive set of stats right there.

Not to mention, it’s pretty easy to use. Launching the craft isn’t like having to figure out takeoff, simply throw the drone into the air and start flying. It also gives you a very easy piloting system that enthralls unlike any other. The control system gives you a set of goggles that give you access to the first person camera placed on the craft.

Basically, you become the very machine┬áthat’s screaming through the sky. The first person view gives you a personal view that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’ve wanted to know what it feels like to be an eagle, you’ve found your solution.

One of the coolest features of the┬ádrone is the return to home function. You don’t need to worry about looking for the fanciest or most expensive piece of equipment, because this bombastic machine is a pretty mid-range price for machine of this nature!

parrot-disco-2 parrot-disco-3 parrot-disco-6