Craft beer has been a trend for a couple of years now, and it is getting bigger by the day. Everyone wants some quality ale. The whole philosophy around beer is being reinvented and refreshed. Considering how bland and lifeless the mainstream beer scene is looking it is no wonder that men want change and diversity. This is why having your own home-brewing kit for beer seems like a logical next step. You are a man and you can make your own beer, the way you like it.

ManCan128 (1)

So what is a mancan? Basically, it is a personal-sized keg-style growler, small enough that you can take it anywhere with you, like on a nice camping trip. In the same time, it is large enough to hold 128oz of beer. Kevin Lehman, the inventor of the mancan, decided to reinvent the traditional glass growler because he found that some bottles can wreck a good beer.


The mancan is made out of stainless steel, like a keg, and it can be pressurized with the tap system. The great thing about this product is that it will never lose carbonation, because nobody wants to drink stale beer on a hot summer day. It is all thanks to the stainless steel casing. The pour regulator that the mancan has will make sure that the CO2 is at the optimum level.


And in case you are wondering if the mancan is able to hold other beverages – the answer is yes. Coffee, soda, wine, the choice is yours.
In case you have not yet tried to make your own beer this is your chance to do it. And this particular can is the best one for camping trips and spending time out and about in nature with friends.