The newest addition to Sony’s Life Space UX Project has just been revealed by the Korean electronics giant. You are looking at a new type of transparent, glass-built speakers that blend in with your living room better than regular, wooden or plastic ones. According to Sony, the speaker set not only offers a different take on design, but also keeps a crisp, quality sound output, something that is usually lost with eccentric designs.

A warm LED light sits at the center of a candle like cylindrical glass tube. According to Sony, the glass allows for better sound resonance and increased vibration control – this means voices and high tones are better differentiated and exported by the driver, compared to conventional speakers. On the other hand, low frequency sounds such as deep bass is probably going to lack power – something that can be probably counteracted by a dedicated subwoofer.

The speakers feature bluetooth connectivity, allowing them to be positioned anywhere without dragging cables along. Furthermore, Sony implemented a 360 degree sound technology, thus these glass speakers should cover every corner of the room when playing.

Users can benefit from stereo sound by pairing the glass speaker with an identical one, but at $799, you will have to bleed your pockets a little.  Check out more details on Sony website.

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