Griffin Pocket Tool – The Maestro

A true virtuoso of pocket tools, Griffin, released by Coyote Mountain Outdoors is designed and thought to leave all the competitors behind. If taken one by one, all the functions accomplished by this amazing little gadget would need all the space of your backpack. But with it, you shouldn’t even feel a thing.

Just imagine how much you get for how little you spend. We talk about eleven different tools incorporated into a small thingy. Not fancy, not smartsy, but ensuring you’re everyday needs are met. Polished stainless steel, brass or titanium are the options for the build. It’s also available in three different sizes: the mini, the tool and the XL. The tool is full of characteristics carrying the name along, one of the mythical Greek creature, imposing respect.

Hex drives, bottle cap opener, screwdriver, pry tool, pocket clip and many, many others. The spirit of a lion, always with you. Lightweight and unimaginable strong. Get yours and feel its strength.