Almost every child had the dream of having a tree house in their backyard. There is something magical in the idea that you can actually live on top of a tree, like an elf king of a fairy tale princess (buh, childhood allover again). Most of us didn’t succeed in building it, but now you can have your childhood dreams come true because Guy Mallinson has created the most perfect and luxurious tree house EVER.

Guy Mallinson and his London-based team have designed one of the best tree houses. It is located in the forests of Dorset near Southampton. The „Woodsman’s” tree house was built in just five months and let me tell you, it looks wonderful. You might think it is something made by the nature.

When you want to escape the hectic city life all you need to do is drive to Dorset and climb into your tree house. You’ll need to book it much time in advance, because it is fully booked for the next few months. It will be fun for both you and your kids – the tree house has a slide for the children and a sauna for the adults.

The best thing about the main bedroom is that you can see the right above your head, while laying in bed. You are going to wake up with the light of the sun every morning. It can not get better than that, and it is big enough to feel like a real home, rather than like a plaything for children.

All the windows give you the view of the forest. You can cook your breakfast or take a bath in the copper tub while being surrounded by the beauty of the trees. And don’t worry – the slide is adult size, you can have fun with your kids.

For an added touch of luxury there is a hot tub on the deck, as well as a pizza oven and a colorful hammock for afternoon naps.

If you are interested in booking the house for yourself visit Malinson’s website and get more information.

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