The world is becoming more and more technological right before your eyes. When you blink and more and more things are becoming wireless, it can be hard to find any new innovations. But with the species focusing more and more on being hands free, technology must keep up!

So in lieu of actually using your hands to activate all the technology, what can we use? Voice technology is harnessed to help assist in this pursuit. However, as of this time, it hasn’t been prevalent. ReSpeaker has decided to attempt to take things to the next level in convenience.

Their product, the ReSpeaker is built to give you full connectivity either through the app or through the device itself. Through the device, you basically communicate with the connected pieces throughout your home. Even without installing the app, ReSpeaker provides you with a large list of features. They include music streaming, file manager and more.

With the app installed, it gives you even more connectivity. It allows you to speak directly from your phone. Also, you can actually record a list of commands onto the app, and just play the recording for it. The device is remarkably in-depth, as the creators have already developed several plugins. As a result, they’ve promised even more will come out in time.

Most importantly, is the fact that they’re trying to keep costs down. Right now one of these systems costs about $89. But every plugin they create is promised to absolutely free. In the world of hands free connectivity, jump on what might be the next step. Pick one up from their kickstarter campaign!

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