We’ve came a long way since the first HD display got to the market. Now, you can watch videos and movies at 4K or even UHD (8K) resolution. Basically, you get to see skin pores of your actor if the zoom is appropriate. However, all this high resolution trend is coming to a sharp end. There is only just as much as the human eye can perceive in terms of clarity and sharpness of pictures.

Thus, another video characteristic takes the lead in TV development: color. If modern TVs manage to generate resolutions that beat the human eye, not the same happens with colors. Major brands are still working on various developments for color enhancement.

Samsung’s QLED TV takes on step further in this direction. Combining metal particles with its nano-scale Quantum Dots, Samsung QLED TV can individually alter the brightness of each pixel. It’s the birthplace of infinite contrast, although it’s still more of a marketing term.

Most currently affordable TVs generate around a few tens of millions of colors. Samsung promises at least a billion more.

Apart from brilliant (get it?) colors, Samsung works on the design as well. The QLED TV will be available with either a classic table stand or no-gap wall mount. Apart from these, a third option is available: an artistic Studio Stand. It will make your TV look like a self-painting canvas.