You could very well become the next Stephen Soderbergh or the next JJ Abrams without attending fancy, expensive film school. All you need is an iPhone and the SANDMARC Anamorphic Lens ($149.99).

Shoot Cinema Quality Videos

Boost the true potential of your iPhone camera by simply attaching the Anamorphic Lens. You can then shoot cinema quality videos, widescreen-style, bolstered by the impressive image-capturing ability of your phone’s lens. What the SANDMARC does is enhance light sensitivity, enabling you to shoot more vivid colours and even the most sensitive of detail.

A cool trick that the Anamorphic Lens allows you to do is achieve lens flare, just like in the Hollywood blockbusters, when you shoot against the source of light.  

The other cinematic effect you can achieve right on your iPhone is the wide-lens effect. Rather than limit your shooting experience to the constraints of a smartphone, widen the scope of your frame to big screen-size.

High End Specs

The SANDMARC is smaller than your palm but packs in some awesome specs: Multi-Element, multi-coated, and anti-glare. In other words, you can start preparing for your Oscar speech.

On a more serious note, the Anamorphic Lens delivers serious cinema quality videos from the comfort of your iPhone. The portable lens goes wherever you go and clips on the phone in an instant.

No sweat, no stress, just great film capture.