When I initially checked out Remix IO, my thoughts went to just another Android Box. Well, it is a box running Android, but it has 4K. And can do some extra apart streaming videos to your TV?

Jide, the company behind the product has also released Remix Mini some time back, a project that got overfunded on Kickstarter. Apparently, Remix IO aims to achieve at least the same level of performance. It is designed as a set-top 4K system but should also fulfill the role of a gaming console (ish) and that of a computer.

Remix IO runs on Jide’s Android based Remix OS. It is fully compatible with many Android apps and gets along well with peripherals.  Hardware-wise, it features an octa-core processor accompanied by 2GB RAM. It shares data through four USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and audio jack. Also comes with an ethernet port.

In terms of TV capabilities, Remix IO brings 4K resolutions and HDR capabilities for TV that support this feature. However, its main characteristic is the price. It’s $50 cheaper than Apple TV and $100 cheaper than Nvidia’s Shield TV. Back up this project for $99 on Kickstarter.

Remix IO Kickstarter Remix IO Kickstarter