They say the Devil hides in the details, and when it comes to earbuds, i couldn’t agree more. Here’s the problem. If you’re the jean loving type and usually keep your headphones in the pocket, they magically tangle. The funny thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve stored them for a split second or a day. Somehow, the wires instantly get mixed in a devilish way.

Octopus to the rescue!

Ear Tentacles, a design by Donghee Suh, use the same principle as an octopus’ tentacles. A silicon flap retracts when you press the buds against the screen of your phone. The vacuum thus created keeps them in place and stops them from aiding the tangle.

Furthermore, with a fixed point, you can wrap the cable around the phone, further reducing chances of tangling.

I still want my phone, though

On the downside, wrapping cable around your phone’s screen is somewhat unpleasant. After all, I wish to use my phone even if I’m not listening to music. Also, if your pockets are really tight, they might press too hard against the suction ear buds, and consequently, against your phone’s screen.

However, it’s a good first step. At least you don’t have to make a deal with the devil to stop your headphones from getting tangled.



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