A Better Choice Of Fashion

Having a thick wallet is not cool. I mean, to me, first and foremost, it’s very uncomfortable, always feeling its presence, like carrying around a rock I found on the street. But more important, esthetically speaking, it’s a bad idea. It’s something you should avoid, exactly like having too much cash on you at a time. And even more than that. Because it’s not a sign of wealth, but of a poor choice of fashion. So how about we replace your credit cards with a single piece of technology? It’s called Plastc and is already supported by the main credit card payment operators.

The idea is simple. You attach the credit cards’ data to Plastc and by swiping between them you have everything connected and centralized. So, yeah, it all comes down to what kind of an impression you want to make. Plastc is cool and simple, so it may be what you’re looking for. Having its own magnetic stripe, you can use it as any other traditional card.

A Better Technology And Designed Functionality

Plastc is already a partner of FitPay, meaning contactless NFC payments are enabled and available. In return, this represents more time saved, which was the whole idea when credit cards were first introduced. Some actions and tons of support will come in the form of a mobile app for your smartphone. You will track your spendings, swap between cards with ease or add new ones. Surfing in and out of multiple bank apps is now eliminated, giving less headaches or trouble with verification steps.

Speaking of which, there is are three gates protecting the data. A four-digit PIN, the matching name and social security numbers (U.S. residents only) and card verification. Also, if your smartphone is smart enough to hold a biometric fingerprint scanner, you can directly access the Wallet App.

The magnetic stripe and NFC chip are turned off all the way until you select the card you want to make the payment from, preventing any fraudulent activity. There are many more other awesome features, like the proximity alerts, giving you a heads up if you left it behind, an emergency card mode, which pretty much speaks for itself or a remote wipe, erasing all the information stored on the Plastc card if it’s forgotten or stolen.