Eight out of 10 people think of their holiday location long before the vacation date is even established. They all think about possible destinations. About a third of them choose to visit the mountains, but the majority decides to spend their holiday at the seaside. I’m sure everyone had seen the sea at least once in their lifetime, but how many of you heard of an island sanctuary that can offer you everything you have been yearning for your entire life? Get emotionally ready, because this resort is going to change your mind and make you place it on the top of your wishlist.

Situated in the Steigen Archipelago, just off the coast of Northern Norway, Manshausen is home to the world´s largest population of Sea Eagles. To the north, the horizon is dominated by the mountain-range of  Lofoten. The area is ideal for outdoor activities such as diving, hiking, climbing or the most appreciated one by a special kind of tourists, fishing.

Manshausen Island was historically part of Northern-Norway’s largest trading posts for the fishing industry, today only visible in the massive stone quays on the island. Additionally there is still an existing 18th century small farmhouse on the island. The two main still existing structures of the island are the old farmhouse and the stone quays.

The old farmhouse is situated on a small protected grassy plain on the island. It provides a professional kitchen and a dining area on the ground floor and a library on the first floor. The cabins are all, but one placed on the stone quays. Each cabin has two double bedrooms and a sleeping alcove for children, and can accommodate up to five people.

Moreover, the region is laced with beautiful white beaches and towering mountains so you can practice many activities with your family and friends that will turn into unforgettable adventures after years.