Whenever Yanko Design puts something new up on their site, it’s hard not to shout out loud in joy. Especially if you can’t exactly tell what it is at first. This crazy unique design, made by Martin Jiang is actually a remarkable standing printer. With the world becoming obsessed with making everything more compact, it seems as though the printer only gets bigger, right?

However, Martin’s design is literally challenging the way people think about printers! The vertical design allows it to take up less space, and it keeps a narrow look the help convenience the user. The ingenious part is the design. The black panels on the top and bottom are entirely in charge of ink, electronics, and other necessities.

As a result, it makes maintenance¬†quite simple. So with the world becoming more streamlined, your desk should as well. If you’re sick of having to have an entire desk used for one printer, it’s worth it to check out the Vertical Printer today. Check out more info on it here.

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