Drones have come a long way. It the beginning, they weren’t even drones but rather RC planes with a small camera attached to them. They were difficult to control and the footage recorded by them was awful. The, better and better drones came out, but they all had the same problem. They were BIG!

DJI has launched a new drone, the DJI Mavic Pro in order to fix the above-mentioned problem of all drones. The drone, when folded, is as small as a water bottle and can perfectly fit into your pocket.

But let’s see what this puppy can do, because at 999$ it is quite expensive “toy”. The main feature of the drone is the integrated 12-megapixel camera, stabilized by a three-axis gimbal. It can shoot 4K at 30 FPS and 1080p at 60 FPS. For navigation, it features a GPS/GLONASS receiver and two range sensors. It can avoid any obstacles without input from the controller.

The Mavic Pro Drone has a dedicated 2,4GHz controller with an integrated 1080p touchscreen display. Unfortunately, you will still need a smartphone in order to receive live footage from your drone. The controller is smaller than a smartphone, so you can easily fit it in your back pocket. Because of the GPS receiver, if the signal from the controller is lost, the drone will come back to your last known location. It can fly for around 30 minutes and 5 kilometers’ distance from the point you’re in.

But the best is yet to come. DJI didn’t launch the Mavic Pro alone, but they also launched the DJI Goggles. As DJI says, these goggles are made to “flick between third person view and FPV in under a second”. You can basically see what your drone is seeing, in VR mode. Also, it is very helpful in the Sport Mode. When it is activated, the drone can get up to 40 miles per hour, making the drone difficult to pilot on your smartphone.

dji_mavic_pro_mavic_1 dji-mavic-pro-goggles mavic_pro_2-0