Say Hello to Mokacam

Filming in 4K is a great feature for any image capturing device. It’s the average-big-thing right now, the golden standard for a recording gadget to be placed in the big names category. So there is so much room for innovation and today we want to bring you the world’s smallest 4K camera. Moka is the name of the manufacturer, Mokacam is the device. When you look at it, it’s just a small cube, but it’s one that’s marking another step ahead. 79g in weight, 45mm in height, 45mm in width and 35mm in depth.

But that’s just the beginning, because this little work of magic is full of tricks. First of all, we speak about a 16 megapixel Sony IMX 206 sensor, coupled with a lens giving you normal angle and wide angle modes. We have a motion activated technology, which detects movement around it and captures the best footage. Without any pins or docks you can attach Mokacam to any metal surface using the magnetic mount.

Wonderfully Crafted

What I like the most it’s the idea of using only two buttons to maneuver it. One for power on/off and shoot and one for function photo/video switch and wi-fi on/off, because, yes, you can connect it to your local network. It is fully water resistant as well. You can attach another screen, rotating to 270 degrees allowing you to capture the perfect shot from so many different angles. The battery is pretty good considering the dimensions, a 1000 mAh Li-ion power source. There is a slot for a micro SD card and you can add a handheld or wearable stabilizer.

The quality of the footage captured is great, there’s nothing to add here, everybody acknowledges that. It is, so far, available in black, gold, blue and soon in pink and silver. All in all, a selfie, a night out with the family, a party with the friends or a vacation at ski should never look the same. With Mokacam, you can make them all great to remember. The portability of the Mokacam is unparalleled, so make sure you lay your hands on one.


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