How many times have you gotten frustrated dealing with wires? Having so many things connected to so many other things can be annoying. It makes following the cords to their proper places neigh impossible sometimes. While there a hundreds of Lifehacks to help you organize everything. Yet none of them seem to work out nearly as well as Maco’s newest solution.

Maco’s solution is actually rather genius in its simplicity. It’s a strap based mechanism, with a magnet at the end of it so the it can coil around to itself. The magnet is powerful enough to hold the cords in place, while not being too strong to pull apart.

The Maco 2.0 is a little strap that wraps around your extra cord. It’s meant for smaller things like headphones and the like. That way you don’t have an extra two feet of cord hanging off while you listen to your music or what-have-you. It also works with phone charger cables to makes sure that you always know which one is yours.

The Big Maco is meant for more heavy duty cords.Small Appliances, Laptop charges, things of that nature. It uses the same magnet mechanism, however the magnet is a little more powerful. Both products are new on the market, fresh off a kickstarter campaign.

With the annoyances of cable organization so prevalent, it’s easy to just give up on it. But with Maco’s newest product, you don’t have to worry about dealing with them so often. Maco’s to only solution to wire knots, and can easily decimate any frustrations you have.

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