Drones have become a huge part of our society. You literally find them everywhere. Shoot, they’re so common that Amazon is building a drone delivery service to drop your packages off at your door. So of course someone was going to take the same concept, and apply it to something else. They aren’t prevalent yet, designer Ron Ferencz has taken the idea of a flying drone, and taken it underwater.

Introducing the Seadoo ROV 360 Underwater drone! This handy little device is quite astonishing for being a concept project. It’s armed with a set of three propellers. Two on the back and one on top for ease of movement under the water. Reason being so that is can both rest, or maneuver around in the water at your convenience.

The camera swivels back and forth, so you can easily capture the perfect moment. Between the propellers and the camera, seeking out your buried treasure has never been easier. If you’re looking for a device to help you search for devices at the bottom of lakes, your in luck.

On top of the ease of movement this handy little device is build for convenience. It isn’t very long and can be easily moved. The very shape of the drone is built to cut through the water in the similar fashion as a fish. ┬áSo only one question remains, when these hit the market sometime in the future, what are you going to do with yours?

As stated above, at this point this is only a concept. But it can’t be too long before someone funds this cash cow!

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