During our lives, we accumulate products and assets. After a certain point, our assets start to increase in value. Protecting these valuables should be held in high priority. Introducing Brown Safe. This US-based company is one of the best in the business, with a very impressive track record in providing safes and vaults to personal and business purposes.

Made in USA

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a steady trend towards a resurgence of appreciation for American made goods. I believe there are a number of factors at play, but there’s no denying an increasing number of individuals are showing interest in American manufacturing which places an emphasis on craftsmanship over mass production. For many this may be a sense of pride to buy products bearing the Made in USA stamp of approval. Or perhaps it’s simply that if we’re going to spend our hard earned cash on something we want it to last.

Family Values

Brown Safe Manufacturing bears the name of the founder, Fredrick Brown, and has grown into a multi- generational business with a strong sense that in order to build a product worthy of bearing the family name it must be the best of the best. Their company motto of “Built to a higher standard” seems deeply ingrained in their commitment to creating safes and vault doors with honor and integrity. Both of which are major themes within the Brown family, clearly instilled at a young age by the combat vet turned safe builder.

You’re in Safe Hands

Given Fred’s military experience and love for America, I suppose it isn’t much of a surprise that they also build high-security products for the US government. According to Fred’s son and Brown Safe COO Tim Brown, their safes and vault doors are in US embassies and military bases all over the globe. Further prodding revealed they’ve built vault doors to protect some pretty sensitive info and weapons, but he was pretty tight lipped on specifics; which I suppose I can appreciate from the man responsible for engineering products designed to protect things that are top secret.

James Bond would be proud

Brown can build you a safe constructed completely from Military-Grade ballistic armor, with titanium locking bolts on all four sides of the door, and a dizzying number of internal security safeguards and counter-attack features. Basically, these are like tanks in tuxedos for your watch and jewelry collection. Security is the primary purpose of everything produced by Brown Safe, but it’s only one part of the equation according to eldest daughter and VP, Lynel (Brown) Berryhill. “Protecting our client’s interests is the first and foremost aim of everything we manufacturer, but that’s not enough. We want to make sure your valuables are secure and you get the most enjoyment out of them. What good is it to have a beautiful jewelry or watch collection if it’s difficult to admire and access?” The Brown Safe approach is to create a highly reliable safe that can be accessed daily instead of hidden away in a hard to reach location. This way the safe becomes a hub for all the items you hold dear and allows you to enjoy them with ease.

Style and Control

They focus on creating safes that are as good looking as they are secure and with features that enhance convenience and organization. High-end automotive quality paint finishes and modern materials ensure they’ll look great in any environment. Biometric locks which recognize the owner’s fingerprint means highly controlled access and convenience at the swipe of a finger. Custom made watch panels with programmable winders allow automatic watches to be neatly displayed and kept in proper working order at all times. Additionally, as a manufacturer who works directly with the end user Brown Safe routinely builds completely custom one-off designs to fit their clients tastes and collections.

If you’re looking for a reliable safe built to exacting standards and available with just about any configuration or feature you desire, then Brown Safe simply can’t be beat. Check out their lineup of high-security safes and vault doors.