Bulky and heavy headgear is a thing of the past. Nowadays, lightweight equipment is used for amateur water diving. While the newer equipment is sleeker and offers way better visibility compared to the old school scuba diving devices, there’s still room for improvement.

The D-Mask Smart Diving concept brings over a new way of scuba diving. Compared even to actual equipment, D-Mask is miles ahead. While still in design phase, this futuristic system promises to allow 180-degree vision underwater as well as a bunch of smart features.

Features will include a digital HUD that provides critical information: oxygen level, time spent underwater, depth, weather conditions.

Furthermore, you can even pop in some tunes. D-Mask promises to support smartphone integration and also provide bone-conducting headphones. If the water gets murky or you wander deeper than the water can properly follow, the integrated LED lamps will come into assistance.

Finally, everything would be less exciting if you couldn’t record the experience and share it with your friends. D-Maks also benefits from an integrated camera which will record POV videos as you dive away.

Learn more about the D-Mask concept here.


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