If you want to protect your new iPhone XR from daily wear and scuffs, while still keeping its sleek design, then look no further than totallee’s ultra thin cases. Totallee is know for making incredibly thin and branding free signature cases since 2013. Like options? Their cases are available in 3 different styles and 8 different colors.

These cases are made to be precise and fit snugly on the phone at only 0.02” thick and 0.01oz. They are perfect minimalist case for people who don’t want to go without a case, but also do not want to add on bulk.

If you want a case that is almost invisible, the clear soft case is for you. This case is made of TPU, which is a soft and durable plastic. This adds extra drop and scratch protection since the material can absorb shock. Additionally, you will be able to show off the awesome color you picked for the iPhone XR right through the case.

Totallee offers a premium option in it’s collection of XR cases-the genuine leather case. This case is still slim and thin, which makes it the world’s thinnest leather case for the iPhone XR. Each case has a unique texture and pattern that will only improve with age.

The best part is that these amazing cases come with a stellar 2-year warranty. If anything happens to your case, totallee will send you one free replacement, no questions asked! This warranty also provides a 30-day money back guarantee.The cases range from the affordable prices of $29 to $39.

These cases have been selling quick! Get your iPhone XR case here today in time to put it on when your phone arrives.