Put it on our wrist and capture 360-degree, HD videos of what is happening around you. This is what Beoncam is aiming to do. It is the first panoramic camera to be housed in a smart watch. The 5 mp resolution is enough to stream good quality video. Furthermore, it’s one-touch start system combined with a long lasting battery lets you capture videos in an instant. That’s way better, unlike most smartphones which need a bit of time to load the camera software.

In terms of design, Beoncam is lightweight and waterproof. Also, the construction feels sturdy and won’t give up on the first bump. You can unholster the camera from its wrist case. Then, just attach it to your bike, backpack or even a drone to get a better video angle.

All in all, Beoncam looks promising. The main feature remains the ability to capture video and photo in an instant. A quick event might happen, and before your partner finishes fiddling for the phone, a tap on Beoncam and the moment is saved. Forever.

Support this project on IndieGoGo and get the camera 40% off the retail price ($149.