JUUGO – The Smartphone Case Attached to Your Hand

How many times in a month, on average, do you happen to drop your phone? Once, Twice? Perhaps you’re the one in a million who never happens to drop their phone at all! But according to Tech 21’s survey a few years back, it shows that about 90% of smartphone users drop their phones at least once a month. That’s a lot of broken and cracked screens, lots of water damage, and most importantly, a ton of terrible selfies *shudder*.

If you’re anything like most clumsy individuals, there’s some periods in your life where you wish your phone (or whatever else you might be holding) was just attached directly to your hand. Well barring cybernetic implants and the eventual robotic apocalypse, that sort of technology may take a while. but in the mean time JUUGO has set out to help you solve that problem! With JUGGO’s smartest smartphone case, it’s gives you the freedom to use your hands easily, while having your phone in a safe, convenient place for you reach easily!

Tested in a wide variety of different situations, JUUGO has proven itself useful time and time again in everyday life, and on top of that, can you really resist that gorgeous design of the case itself? And on top of that, they’ve even added a changeable handle for those who love to be able to change up their accessories to match their daily fashion changes!

Now as a fair warning, JUUGO isn’t quite on the market yet, but they do have their kick-starter campaign up and running. For your own contribution of 39 Pounds, you can jump in the early bird special for this out of the box accessory!

Juugo 03