If you are stuck at home with only your guitar for company, all you need is the Spark Pearl.

One of the most beloved practice amps is back in a new avatar. A beautiful new avatar might we add. Not only does the limited edition bring along all of its impressive features, it has added some new ones too. 

Limited Edition Beauty

The Pearl’s AI quickly learns your playing style. Then it provides the accompanying bass and drum support. In other words, you become a Rockstar right at home. You can either rock away to heaven all on your own, or with your mates. 

One of the most impressive features of the practice amp is the auto chord. You can now upload all of your favourite songs to the amp and watch the guitar chords display on your smartphone. You can learn and practice your favourite tunes instantly. 

For those who want to record their tunes, no sweat. The Peal comes with a free copy of the PreSonus Studio One Prime. The recording software will upload all your tunes to your laptop. Then you can tinker and polish and innovate as much as you like.

The Spark Pearl ($290) comes with a full range of play features that will surely impress the amateur guitarist.   


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