Do you control your phone, or does your phone control you? If you fall in the second category, the minimalist Android screen is just the thing for you.

Reduce Screen Addiction

Most of us feel the need to check our phones every other minute. No surprise there. Our smartphones are designed to be addictive. They provide the ultimate dopamine rush to our brains. The minimalist screen is set to correct that. 

With a clear, easy interface, the screen brings all of the important apps and settings you need. Minus all the addictive visual gimmickry. Gone are the beautiful wallpapers and colourful widgets. What you get instead is a neutral background and all the apps you need right at your fingertips. 

Minimalist Theme

High quality mobile phone mockup design

On the Home Screen is embedded phone, messages, calendar, and calculator. A swipe to the right and you access the other apps. Everything is laid out like an easy-to-read menu. 

The thought behind the design and UI is clear: Provide the user with all the functionality and none of the visual clutter. The result is that you end up using the phone for what you need. And not to feed your brain’s addiction. 

The minimalist theme supports Android 6.0 and above. In other words, almost every phone that uses Android. 

You can download it from