We’re used to writing quite a lot on the computer, even though you might not realize it. Even chatting on Facebook counts as typing, you know? No matter how good the materials of the laptop are, at some point, your wrists will start hating the rubbing sensation against the laptop surface.

Cecilia Re-Stick leather wrist pads offer a comfortable solution to this issue. You just need to take them out of the package and stick them to the sides of the touchpad, right there were your wrists rest for most of the time. Don’t worry if you miss that positioning the first time. The adhesive used for fixing lets you stick and re-stick (hence the name) the pads countless times without any residue.

The square pads are made from full-grain leather. They measure 2.75″ by 2.75″, being ideal for most laptop and notebook sizes. The best part yet: you can close the lid without removing the pads. They’re thin enough to fit between the screen casing and the lower body of the laptop.

Available for $19,95