The Relic Mobile Brick Oven Will Outlive Many Generations

Tennessee Stone & Design is, as the name suggests, an American based company who developed what we like to call the next generation for a mobile brick oven. The materials in use spell quality and durability, with everything being limited, as anything you ever want to purchase. It’s made by hand, and if you buy one, it will outlive not only you, but possibly your grandkids. Everything is shock resistant and weatherproof.

If you love pizza like we like it, and the big chances are you do, then the Relic Mobile Brick Oven is guaranteed to satisfy your needs for the best pizza you ever had. Yes, great expectations are at stake, because The Relic will deliver. Now, if you worry about how to get it installed and set-up, you shouldn’t. The modular design is specifically thought to make your life easy. Also, the parts are interlocking and maximum safety is ensured when transporting.

But Why A Mobile Brick Oven?

Because of the atmosphere, the warmth, the great memories. You can choose a different destination every time, or remain in the backyard, but be sure every day will be special and unique. Only one thing will stay the same: the quality of the time spent with your loved ones. And, if you haven’t gotten it by now, the delicious food, of course. You deserve all this.

The dome reduces the total weight, being built with that in mind, all while maintaining a 1100 F+ temperature. The built-in firebox transfers heat to the stone floor for a 800F+ temperature. Everything is easy to clean, even with all the cooking versatility, which is sustained by arguments.

Because a 22″ kettle grill is fit, because of the impact resistant baking stones, the infinitely superior insulation and much, much more. All this classify your cooking experience as amazing. This is a real wood-fired brick oven like no other, if you kept reading all the way down here, you owe yourself a look on their Kickstarter page to see that everything we’ve told you is real.




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