Drone have become synonymous with everyday life in 2016. Whenever you walk down the street, you have a pretty prominent chance of catching one of these unique machines. They come in all shapes and sizes, and it seems as though they never stop running out of ideas. For the more eccentric individuals, they recently designed a drone that can arguably called the strangest looking drone yet.

Powervision proudly presented the PowerEgg recently. A drone that with the tagline „the perfect alliance between form and function and form…”. They’ve decided to push the very limits of drone in every way possible with this design, as all the propellers, feet and camera are tucked into said drone.

Even the very control system for the machine is completely revamped. As a result of work towards the drone, they revamped it entirely. This machine uses the industries first gesture based control module. While the camera locks on you, it uses a comprehension program. Consequently, when you move your arms in certain ways, the drone reacts.

It also gives you access to the flight app produced by Powervision. Basically it sets the foundations on how the drone reacts. It has several flight modes to choose from, giving you multiple options on how to catch different shots. This drone is perfect for those who want high-grade, professional camera work but can’t afford to hire expensive videographers and cameramen. The Poweregg is one of the most out-there designs on drone yet. One can only imagine the kinds of craziness that has yet to ensue!

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