With tea being one of the most popular beverages in the world it is a wonder that this product is being realized now and not much earlier. Just thinking of how many cups of tea are drank every day, in millions of households, makes me wonder if people know how to prepare tea properly or do they just dunk a tea bag in boiling water and hope it tastes good.

Here we have three friends from India and Japan who went to college in the US together and decided to create a product that allows a better tea drinking experience. Since tea is a huge thing in their culture they are hoping to teach the West a thing or two about it. With the help of this amazing technology and innovation they are on the right path to making it happen.

The bottle itself is mainly made of glass and has a thermo sensor, heater, Bluetooth communication module and two batteries. The temperature of the tea can be maintained for four hours. An app on your phone is there to tell you everything you need to know while preparing the tea. You just choose the type of tea – white, green, black – and the app tells you the needed temperature and the brewing time.




The product surely looks practical for everyday life and not something too complicated and tech-savvy but useless. The one strange thing that I find in it is that you are essentially drinking from a jar and that could take some getting used to. But if the taste of the tea is better and healthier then the jar thing is not such a big deal after all.


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