Screwdriver 01

Minimalistic Enhanced Screwdriver

Have you ever seen your basic toolbox? In it, normally you have several different styles of screwdrivers, and save for a power drill, they all have the same design flaw. The handle, doesn’t allow for much manual power. While stumping many, people will at times have to turn to more powerful tools just to get the job done. The issue there being that it then costs even more money, making jobs unnecessarily hard.

But instead of spending more money than is necessary, there’s a screwdriver that works towards an alternative other then buying more tools. Wang Tong, an industrial designer with a Master’s to boot, has come up with a secondary ideology. He hasn’t added anything to his tool, but has in fact, subtracted. Wang has designed a small hole through the handle of the tool, near the head.

That subtle change completely changed the face of making screwdrivers. It allowed any piece that can fit in there (including his own screwdrivers) to fit through that hole. Basically thereby turning the driver into a wrench. It allows for the user to both grip the handle with one hand, and un-wrench the problem screw with sheer leverage and power.

Minimalist design, minimalist ideology. His line of Plus Screwdrivers was developed with durability in mind as well, leverage isn’t easy on things. So of course the handle is made with a highly durable plastic to suit both the wear from the leverage, adding to comfort at the same time. If you’re looking for an answer to rusty nails,  look no further.

Screwdriver 04