TAC Force Rainbow Knife

Have you just recently seen your favorite action film and been inspired to take up some sort of bladed defense? Have you recently developed a hobby based on weapons training and seek to improve your skill with an out of the box blade? One blade that still hold high regard amongst most is the ever popular folding knife.

The quick motions with the blade that came to popularity in the Philippines and were brought to the limelight by the original USA based developers Balisong USA, are a formidable force to witness. The movements require a lot of dexterity and awareness of where both your fingers and the blade are all times. If a flooding knife sounds like your style, a blade of choice could be the TAC Force Rainbow Knife.

These knives, made by TAC force, have a unique rainbow sheen to them.The handle glows with a deep black that helps that rainbow coloration stand bright. As all of their blades, TAC force has stood up to its name in quality with this gorgeous addition.

It sports an Aluminum handle, that encompasses the blade into a small 4.5″ compartment, easily hiding the 3″ piece of stainless steel that the blade is comprised of. It also has a handy clip, attachable to your pocket to help keep track of the blade with relative ease.

It’s worth noting, that there are specific laws that surround the use of butterfly knives. Some laws strictly prohibit the use of these knives, some only allow certain blade sizes. So if you do decide to carry one of these knives, remember to research them carefully.