Minimalism Is A Characteristic Of Quality

When was the last time you felt that incredible satisfaction of a thing done well. I mean, if you are a real man, you have to know how to get things done  Look, the definition of the word manliness is shaped up in many forms and facets, so don’t try to ignore any.

Now, a toolbox is what your granddad used in order to look cool, but now minimalism is the word defining any trend. And a multi-tool is needed if you want to be ready faster, do more and do it all better. Everyone tends to incorporate more into less. If you use a smartphone, a multi-tool is the perfect analogy for a toolbox.

All In One

The Leatherman OHT is what you’re looking after. It’s featuring 16 tools, all so expensive to get one by one. Saw, strap cutter, phillips, large, medium and small screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, oxygen tank wrench. Only if these were featured, this item would already be amazing. But it goes on, pliers, cutters, knives, one being serrated. For only one tool, you can find thousands of uses. It’s available with black or brown sheath. Oh, and a cool thing for you. If you’ve seen Chris Pratt in the big hit called Jurassic World, I think you would want to know he was carrying one.

If quality is the world you’re looking first and foremost, then the Leatherman OHT Multitool is the first option. When it was released first, back in 2012, it was the world’s first multi-tool so complex. One thing we have to mention is the fact that the Leatherman is also very resistant. It’s all yours with a 25 year guarantee. You don’t have to worry about it being rendered useless after one afternoon in the backyard. A firm grip is the only thing you need.


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