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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

Got them sneakers? It’s melting hot outside and the asphalt is burning visibly under the merciless rays of the sun. Still, this is no reason not to take out your favorite sneaker pair and get out for a stroll with an ice cold lemonade. Here are Hispotion’s sneaker choices for this week. Check them out below and let us know … continue reading

The Leather Watch Box

The Leather Watch Box Are you a collector of valued time pieces? Do you wind each watch up with meticulous purpose every morning, even though you may only wear one at a time? Or do you happen to fall into the same category of those who multiple watches all at once? If you happen to fall into the first category, … continue reading

$45.00 Buy

Magic Coin Pouch Manages Your Change

Time for (a) change Most wallets boast designs that are perfect for storing numerous bank notes, cards and IDs. However, we’ve yet to see one that deals with coins. “But you don’t actually need coins, they’re just laying around”. Tell yourself that when you want to pay for your parking spot or get a snack from a vending machine that … continue reading

$11 Buy

Best Travel Pants Won’t Let You Sweat

Designed with travel in mind Nobody wants to be sweaty and sticky on a summer day, especially if they are traveling and trying to stay presentable. You want to wear something light and bright, and something that can keep up with your busy lifestyle while still being decent for every situation. The creators of a new kind of travel pants … continue reading

$79 Buy

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

There’s nothing like dry pavement to let your sneakers hit the ground. Having a good stroll on a cooled down summer evening might the best low-tempo activity of the day, guaranteed to provide a good sleep. Here are our pick of 5 sneakers that caught our attention this week. Check the out below: 1. Reebok x Sneaker Politics ’90s Nostalgia … continue reading

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

1. Vans x Nintendo Nostalgic Collection Nintendo and Vans sound the start of the latest adventure, back into the realm of old school video games. The latest collaboration isn’t all about sneakers; however, Authentic, Slip-On, Sk8-Hi and Old Skool silhouettes have been reworked with 8-bit drawings and various graphics, all influenced by games that used to run from a Floppy Disk. … continue reading

The New Age Athletic Shoe

The New Age Athletic Shoe How many reading this article are a huge fan of hospital socks? Those socks that double both as socks, and slippers? the comfort and softness of socks combined with the support of slippers. What if I told you that someone took it a step further and added the support, usefulness, and comfort of an Athletic … continue reading

Baume & Mercier Capeland Watch

Baume & Mercier Capeland – A Hidden Collectible When it comes to quality watches, surviving the test of time is just as important as the functionality and design of the chronograph. When browsing for watches rated around the $5000 mark, brands like Tag Heuer or OMEGA are most likely to pop out of the crowd. However, there’s a hidden gem … continue reading

$4,350 Buy

Alvieri – Elegant Watch With a Really Lively Dial

A Spectacular View It’s not so often I fall in love with a watch. I mean, yes, there are always good models to show and impress the audience with, but one to get attached to, a candidate for the “pass on to my son” piece of work comes so rare, that we have to make a distinguishment from the rest. … continue reading

$175-$199 Buy

Menswear & The Perfect Match

  At HisPotion, we are obsessed with ensuring that every man achieves the absolute pinnacle of sartorial success from head to toe, and with that in mind, this article is dedicated to covering the bases when it comes to matching your clothes from head to heel. This feat may seem easy to some, while others may have a few questions … continue reading

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