For some men, having to travel in their suits is unavoidable. It is frequently associated with the pains of attempting to pack a suit clothing to appear as fantastic as it did before you made your suitcase. We understand, and you’re not alone as suit enthusiasts. There are enough issues to deal with while traveling. So, this is why you should learn how to fold a suit correctly.

Clean and press your suit

While this folding technique helps reduce wrinkles while traveling, it won’t help with flaws or stains that have already formed. Send your suit jacket to the dry cleaners at least a week before you depart. In this way, you will guarantee it is in perfect condition. Make sure the cleaners press the suit as well as remove any stains.

Clean your suit

You may iron the suit yourself if you’re short on time. It’s feasible to cover wrinkles elsewhere on the jacket if the lapels are well-ironed, but it’s practically impossible on the lapels.

Invert the jacket

Turn your jacket inside out. So the lining is on the outside. It covers the jacket’s actual outside fabric; now, any wrinkles that occur while traveling will most likely appear on the inside of the suit when you wear it.

Turn inside out the shoulders

Put your hand inside the coat and press your fist into the shoulders, causing the shoulder lining to „pop” out. If you hadn’t pulled them out, you’d have to cope with the inconvenience of inward-facing shoulder pads, making folding the jacket much more difficult.

Vertically fold your jacket

With one hand, gather both shoulders, and in the other, grab the jacket at the collar’s middle. The suit should fold in half lengthwise as a result. After folding the jacket, straighten the material out, keeping the liner on the outside.

Make a horizontal fold in the jacket

How to fold a suit? Fold the top of the jacket over your forearm and place it horizontally across the middle. It should result in a roughly square „bundle” that fits into a suitcase easily.

Store the jacket in a plastic bag

It’s a good idea to put your jacket in a plastic bag separate from your other clothes in your luggage to keep it safe. Place your jacket in a large plastic bag, in a square, folded „bundle” (like a dry cleaning bag or a large ziplock Bad). Carefully seal the bag. Use a sheet of durable plastic material if you don’t have a bag on hand. Fold the sides in and under the folded jacket. Use the suit to trap a little air in the bag if you’re using a plastic bag. This protective „bubble” can keep other clothes from rubbing on the jacket, preventing wrinkles.

Place the jacket in your suitcase, wrapped 

Avoid compressing the outfit by keeping it flat. Only lay flat, folded garments on top of the jacket to avoid wrinkling. Avoid putting anything Hard or oddly shaped on top of the suit, such as shoes.

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