The tie is a must-have menswear accessory, but choosing the right one can be challenging. Learn how to wear a tie and how to choose the best one for your outfit. Whether you wear a bow tie or a regular tie, add a necktie to your wardrobe based on the occasion’s dress code.

A formal event, for example, may necessitate the wearing of a tie. A well-chosen necktie can complement your outfit by adding color or texture. A necktie may communicate to others that you take pride in your appearance in an elegant or professional setting, such as an interview. Do you know the best ways to wear a tie?

Man wearing tieHow to Wear a Tie

Follow these tips to feel more confident when you put on a tie in the future:

1. The tie’s fit is crucial

The tie should be placed on the shirt placket and should be in contact with the belt buckle. The width of the shirt collar, necktie, and lapels should all be similar.

2. Take into consideration the event’s formality

A structured tie, such as a knit tie, paired with a more casual shirting fabric (such as chambray), is frequently ideal for a more casual look. For formal occasions, wear a shirt with a softer tie. Cleaner, more subtle options, such as solid-color shirts and ties, work well in both formal and informal settings.

3. The preference knot

Different knots are required for different contexts. The formality of classic tie knots typically ranges from formal to informal, from the entire Windsor knot to the half Windsor knot or the four-hand knot. The best way to learn how to knot a tie perfectly is to watch a video and practice in front of a mirror.

Guys wearing tie4. How visible you want it to be?

If you’re wearing a button-down shirt, make sure the collar ends are buttoned over the tie to hide it. As long as you don’t look sloppy, undoing the top button on your shirt collar is acceptable.

How to Wear a Tie in a Variety of Ways

If you’re new to this or if you already know how but want to try a different tie knotting technique, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for some of the most popular and dependable ways to knot a necktie, and be sure to bookmark them all for later. If you like something, look further and find a step-by-step YouTube video.

The Windsor Knot

One of the most well-known tie knots is the Windsor knot. The name was inspired by the Duke of Windsor, also known as King Edward VIII. He had ties made specifically for him because he preferred big knots and heavier materials. The Windsor, also known as the Full Windsor Knot, differs from its (half) cousin, the Half Windsor Knot.

Guys wearing tieTrinity Tie Knot

You might not be sold on the idea of an irregular tie knot, but let the Trinity knot convince you otherwise! For a newcomer to the men’s tie scene, this knot is anything but simple. We can assure you, however, that going the extra mile is worthwhile.

The bow tie

Looking for the perfect match for that extremely expensive yet lovely tuxedo you bought or rented? You don’t have to look much further than flies! And do you know how to tie a tie? A man wearing a bow tie is ten times more attractive than a man wearing a simple knotted tie, according to scientific evidence. Who made it happen? Just ask the ladies! Avoid using a clip-on if you truly want to master the art of flying.

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