Have you ever wondered how easy life would be if we wouldn’t be concerned about all the important things like your house’s keys, documents, credit cards or even medication? Sometimes, you can’t find a place for each of these things and they get lost in bags, pockets or wherever we throw them before of after they’ve committed their purposes. What would you think about a new structured wallet that can both fit nearly all the stuff you would need with you at any moment and be small enough to pass in your pocket?

There’s no need in wondering, because CRATE Carbon Fiber Wallet represents the redefinition of a wallet everyone has been yearning for. CRATE is a patent pending wallet design that is fully modular and multi-purpose. Its vast levels of customization and functionality and yet its simplicity make it as unique as possible to each individual. CRATE represents the overlapping of the premium and practical wallets providing you functionality in handling and appealing aesthetics.

The wallet contains more parts whose purposes are different (you didn’t expect that, did you?), that are are designed to make your life easier and keep your belongings secure. The structure of the wallet combines aerospace grade materials such as titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber. You can also buy a multi-tool, specially designed for this wallet, named ‘K-Tool’. K-Tool is the integration of simple tools that will make your life a lot easier at moments. It comes with a variety of hex wrenches, it is capable of opening bottle caps and can be used as a phone stand for a lot of phones.

Being designed as fully modular, CRATE allows you to mix, match and swap different plates to fit your needs. It is capable of transforming to 5 different modes that will certainly fit your lifestyle without any compromises. You can choose whether you want it to be fully packed, containing all CRATE’s elements or just the essentials, beomg compact, light by simply adding or removing the elements that come along with this carbon fiber wallet.

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