When it comes to running shoes, few make it better than Salomon. The brand has acquired a cult status among runners who take on more adventurous surfaces than the plain old road.

The Speedcross line of shoes has been legendary in this regard. And the new 5.0 version does not disappoint.

Speed. Style.

Salomon has never been known for creating dull-looking shoes. The same holds true for the Speedcross 5. There are some brilliant, bold colours you can choose from, including flame red and calming green. The styling makes for impressive eye candy.

Built For The Run

If the new Speedcross’ style makes an eye-catching first impression, the comfort and durability take it a notch higher. The larger lugs on the outsole offers maximum grip in slush and mud. The heel has been designed to created a safe cradle for your feet. When your foot strikes the ground, it will land in absolute comfort.

Now for some running tech. The Speedcross 5 uses the EnergyCell+ midsole that offers a greater rebound for each step: The more you run the less you exert. Then there is the SensiFit moulded upper. It wraps around your foot from the midsole to the laces, providing the ultimate fit.

The Speedcross 5 retails for $130.