Teens and young adults often like to go to the mall with their friends and look around the different stores together. They might even find their new favorite piece of clothing. But it can be hard for some people.

I’m not talking about people who hate shopping because it’s boring. People have a hard time finding clothes that fit their bodies. In recent years, the term „clothing inclusivity” has been used to describe clothes that are kind to not only all bodies but also all identities.

Sizing is one of the most difficult things about clothes. Some companies have tried to sell a wider range of clothing sizes, but many popular brands still don’t have a full range.

A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that came out in 2018 found that both men and women have gotten shorter and heavier since 1999. Since the average size of people in the U.S. is getting bigger, some brands started making plus-size clothing lines. But the people were not happy with what they did. When they first came out, plus-size lines had a few problems.

Customers mostly pointed out that there wasn’t enough fashionable plus-size clothing. Plus-size lines were not always the same style as regular lines, and there were fewer options to choose from. Also, customers found that the plus-size clothes they bought were too big or didn’t fit their bodies right. In a funny twist, there was also a problem with which sizes were included.

In response to these problems, many stores have opened up to give women better plus-size options. ASOS is said to be one of the best plus-size clothing brands on the web. As opposed to some other brands, ASOS’s plus-size collection does not lack in fashion. Also, their clothes fit people of all sizes, and they have a whole line of clothes that show off women’s curves.

But some brands still don’t try to meet their customers’ needs. Brandy Melville is a store that a lot of young women like to shop at, but they only have one size. Their policy that „one size fits all” only works for people who are usually a size small. And it’s not a fluke, either. The CEO of Brandy Melville has said hurtful things about the people he wants to wear the brand.

When big brands come up with their own size system, it can be very bad for young girls’ minds. Young women are easily influenced by stereotypes, so they may think that their bodies have to be a certain size. This can make them do things that are unhealthy or even dangerous.

Big stores should use their power for good, not for bad. Target is a great example of a reputable chain that tries to meet the needs of its customers instead of forcing its customers to meet its needs. Not only do they have everything, but they are also often cheaper than other brands. This is a blessing for people who don’t have access to clothes.

The fight for inclusive clothing has come a long way for women, but there is still a long way to go for men. When people talk about how to show more diverse women as models, they also talk about men as models. „A six-pack or (are) very thin” is a common stereotype about male models. Men need a wider range of sizes and styles so they can be comfortable and show their own style.

Shopping shouldn’t be hard in any way. Everyone should be able to go to the mall with their friends and not have to worry about whether or not the clothes in the trendy stores will fit them. Clothing for everyone is not a want, but a need.