Fact: Men enjoy sleek accessories. Flashy watches and colored ribbons live back in the 80’s. This is why EDC packs are so awesome. You pack together required tools for everyday life, so you won’t be caught unprepared. However, it’s good to have good looking tools. Why? Because stylish tools inspire you.

For example, I write a lot. Not necessarily using the keyboard, but using a pencil or a pen, and white paper. I need a pen that doesn’t hurt my fingers after writing for a few hours without stopping. Also, I want my pen to look good. A great design inspires me.

KOSMOS Pen brings an award-worthy design to the game. The pen takes a minimalistic approach. However, it does not lack tricky tech. You don’t have to remove the cap – but slide it. A neodymium magnet locks the cap into either writing (open) or carrying (closed) position. This way, you slid the cap with one hand only. No need to leave your coffee cup on the desk.

KOSMOS won the 2016 Red Dot Award, a prestigious prize for the best product designs. What makes KOSMOS’ design so valuable? You may call it a piece of art, apparently. The pen’s design uses the Golden Ratio. The outer shell is lathed from an aluminum solid block.

At $50, KOSMOS pen isn’t what you would call a cheap pen. Fortunately, what it lacks in price it makes up through sleek design and interesting tech. Pre-order here.