If you’re like me, then you’re always hunting for the cold side of the pillow when sleeping. Just turning it over and enjoying the brief chill takes you back into blissful sleep. But since the sensation doesn’t last for long, the joy is short lived.

Vesta promises to provide a more comfortable pillow that can also regulate its temperature, so your side of the pillow is always the cold side.

Sleep positions support

We don’t sleep the same. Whether you’re more of a belly sleeper, side, back or star-shaped, different body positions require different support, especially for the cervical area. The Vesta pillow takes on the challenge and provides a two-sided pillow, one firm side and a „cloud” soft side.

Between the two different layers, there’s a core support base that blends the materials together and ensures proper positioning of your neck and spine while sleeping. This, according to Vesta, aims to reduce neck pain due to improper positioning during the night.

What about temperature control?

Given its layered and perforated design, Vesta pillow promotes better air circulation and thus, lower humidity and temperature. The „Mica” outer cover provides 17 times better thermal conductivity compared to cotton. The „hot pillow” problem is thus diminished and your pillow remains chilly for the duration of the night. Vesta pillow is optimized for a 40 to 60% humidity level, which studies show it’s optimal for most of the population.

You can get your own Vesta Pillow for $99 on Kickstarter.