Mighty oaks may hardly suffer a better afterlife than becoming a cask for beautifully aging whiskey. Now, the whiskey barrel took the final step to bliss, becoming a sleek cufflink. While they don’t cover much surface of a man’s accessory set, the cufflink is placed strategically. Think about it. The wrist travels the most compared to rest of the body parts.

Thus, a proper cufflink can fully change the apparel of a man. There are plenty cufflink options out there. However, let’s face it. Some of them are plain ugly. Neither do they inspire something. Fortunately, with OAK cufflinks, you’re not getting just an accessory. Instead, you are getting a wooden case, and a story.

Each set of OAK cufflinks come with a wooden deposit box and a book. The book is telling a story: the age of the oak, by whom was it cut, what kind of whiskey it and how was it shipped to Scotland. You will know even the brand and age of the whiskey held in the former barrel.

I personally like the fact that this crowdfunding campaign is not just selling a product. Fortunately, you’re getting a whole lot more. You are getting a story, a trip through history and the feeling of doing something good. The producers of OAK cufflinks are promising to pay tribute to their fathers by donating $10 of each order for prostate cancer research.

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