If you’ve got some, protect them”. Even before we go on talking about the radiation proof boxers, we’d like to congratulate whichever member of the team came with this awesome motto. Good job, you deserve a raise!

In other news, Spartan Boxers use silver inserts to protect your family jewels from radiation exposure. While it won’t keep your unborn kids safe from Chernobyl, it is a good way to avoid radiation coming from your phone. After all, the phone usually rests one or two inches away from your crotch when carrying it in the pocket.

Is phone radiation that dangerous? The exposure rate is low when you consider a short period of time. After all, even bananas radiate. However, since you’re probably keeping the phone next to your dear valuables most of the day, five to seven days a week, the impact will increase exponentially.

According to Spartan, the boxers block 99% of all wireless radiation. There’s a live test done showing how it works. Furthermore, you can wash the shielding boxers without compromising their effect. Spartan states the underwear should be good for at least 300 washes, not getting any odor or lose color.

Support Spartan Underwear on Kickstarter and get a pair for about $43.

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