Wearing smart clothes is a great way to look good and feel confident in social situations. However, there are some mistakes that all men should avoid when trying to be stylish. In this post, we will go through ten rules that will help you look good when wearing casino-inspired fashion and avoid common mistakes other people make when dressing up.

1. Buy clothes that fit well

It’s important to buy clothes that fit well. The best way to do this is by buying clothes that fit your body type and style, as well as your budget. If you’re a skinny guy, don’t buy shirts that are too big for you; they will make you look bigger than you really are.

If a shirt doesn’t fit right on your shoulders or arms, it won’t look good when worn with other pieces of clothing, such as jackets or vests, because they’ll be pulled out of proportion.

2. Limit accessories you wear, such as a watch and belt

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Wear a watch sparingly. If you’re going to wear a watch, make sure it’s not too thick or wide; otherwise, it can draw attention away from the rest of your look.

Also, don’t wear too many accessories. Try to stick with one belt and one pair of sunglasses at most; wearing more accessories than this can make you look like a walking billboard!

If you choose to wear a belt, don’t let your belt buckle hang low or high on your waistline—it should rest right in the middle so that it doesn’t look awkward when sitting down or standing up straight without bending over (or leaning forward).

3. Shoes are important, too

The materials used to make the shoe are important; look for quality leather or suede uppers with a good sole. Remember, good shoes are comfortable; if they feel tight when you first try them on, give them time to stretch out (usually 3-4 days). Your shoes or boots should be the correct size; too big and they’re uncomfortable; too small, and they pinch your feet.

Shoes should be polished but not overly shiny, although they should always be clean and free of dust and dirt.

4. Watch style and color combinations

Pay attention to what colors you’re wearing; this will ensure that you look stylish and attractive in all situations. For example, if you are wearing black dress pants and a white shirt, then you should not wear a bright leather belt or shoes, as this will appear out of place.

In terms of accessories, if you want your outfit to be more formal, then stick with silver or gold watches. If it’s going to be casual, go for something that has an adventurous design, such as an everyday sports watch.

5. Choose quality casual clothes over cheap ones

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You want clothes that are comfortable to wear. Cheap clothes wear out quickly and can be uncomfortable, especially in the summer when you’re likely to sweat more than usual. In addition, cheap garments may quickly fade or lose their color with washing and wearing them over time.

You’ll spend less money in the long run if you invest in better-quality dress shirts, pants, and shoes rather than buying dozens of bargain-basement items that barely get worn before going out of style or falling apart.

6. Ask for help when buying tailored clothes

If you have never purchased a tailored suit, ask for help when buying one. Tailors can help you choose the right size and style of clothes that will look good on you. They can also make alterations to clothing so that it fits you better, as well as suggest colors that look good on your complexion.

7. Ensure your jacket sleeves are the right length

There is nothing worse than a jacket that doesn’t fit properly. When shopping for coats, look at their sleeves to make sure they are long enough but not too long. The cuff should end where your wrist does but shouldn’t cover it completely—this creates an awkward look that makes you look shorter than you really are.

8. Invest in solid-colored ties instead of patterned ones

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When it comes to ties, you want to avoid anything too busy or patterned. While the intricacies of a tie pattern can be interesting, they don’t work well with all styles of clothing.

Solid-colored ties are great because they’ll go with any suit while adding some personality without looking like an afterthought or being too loud—and they’re easier to match with other accessories like pocket squares.

9. Avoid big logos

Huge logos can be distracting and look somewhat tacky. Instead, if you want to wear branded clothing, it could be a good idea to go for smaller, more subtle logos that don’t take away from the overall look of your outfit.

10. Be prepared!

Always study the dress code before attending an event. This will avoid any potential embarrassment and make sure you blend in rather than standing out for being poorly dressed.


As we have seen above, there are many rules to follow when it comes to smart wear. It’s important that you follow these rules because if you don’t, it could lead you into too many fashion faux pas that will embarrass you in front of friends or significant others.