I heard you want a new belt to go well with your outfit. How about switching from those leather immitations to something that might last you a lifetime? More importantly, something that will fit your waist no matter if you’re a millimeter wider or thinner than the hole.

How exactly can a belt fit all sizes? By not having holes.

Instead of using the classic buckle and hole mechanism, The Smart Belt provides a micro adjuster. The user can modify the tightness of the belt not by a 2.5¬†centimeters¬†at a time, as it’s the case with most classic belts, but at 5 mm or less at a time. Basically, you’re able to get that snugly fit and not burst when seating at a table.

The Smart Belt promises to be strong.

Designers of the Smart Belt combined top grain Italian leather with a kevlar core. The result reveal a mixture that will stand the test of time. Most belts are failing due to constant traction and friction stresses. However, the Smart Belt promises to hold on to your waist for many, many years to come. On average, it should be 13 times stronger than a regular belt.

Oh, and btw, it also looks cool. You can act fast and get it on Kickstarter for $59.