So you’re out in the world right? You’re doing errands, but you keep having to stop and spend 5 minutes retying your shoes. It never seems like it takes a lot of time, a minor inconvenience at worst. But those dozen times you had to stop throughout the day eventually add up. Instead of having to continually stop or worse, knot your shoelaces permanently, there should be a solid alternative.

One popular alternative to sneakers is slip-ons. The one downside to slip-ons is how easily they fall off. What you need is a sneaker, that IS a slip-on. Recently, HICKIES, released a solid alternative for both. They combined the support of sneakers and the simplicity of slip-ons. However, it doesn’t require you to purchase new shoes at all, just the laces!

HICKIES are built to help assist you in your show needs, the material is actually a solid rubber that prides itself on durability. Essentially, it helps you both slip your foot in easily AND stay tightened to your foot. Another added benefit of the HICKIES is the fact that it gets rid of the messy look of bows and stuff. It’s as simple as connecting the two ends to secure the bands. With the final added benefits of a simple tightening procedure and color selection, it’s simple to say that they’ve created the perfect alternative to shoelaces.shoelaces-1 shoelaces-2  shoelaces-4 shoelaces-5