New Balance 02

A Sleek Sneaker in White and Grey

This time, sneakers have been taken to a different look entirely. Those well acquainted with sneakers are usually aware of New Balance’ latest models. Of course, One of particular note was the New Balance 580, a shoe that produced many a spinoff in its color coordination. The whole list is long, and each shoe has it’s own qualities.

The most recent design is called the 580 Re-Engineered. The sneaker takes the  normal materials, things like the suede and leather the used to cover the top of the shoe has now been replaced. It’s replacement? A synthetic overlay combined with a light mesh. This helps increase durability from the environment alongside performance enhancements, and an increased breath-ability. You know, to help get rid of smelly foot syndrome.

Of course, with a show like this, you also need to think of the coloration. The sleek grey over white combination basically brings a lighter air to the forefront. Essentially, it makes you show look squeaky clean, with the top and sides being covered by the grey, and the mudguard and sole have a nice white to balance the sneaker.

However, you must be thinking, how much does this show cost? A shoe as impressive as this most cost upwards towards 500 right? One of New Balances pillars is keeping prices low. Finally, the show costs a mere 120 dollars.

So, if you’re looking for a pair to add to that giant walk in closet of sneaker you have hidden in your house, rest easy!


New Balance 03