No matter what lifestyle people follow or whether they’re rocket scientists or office people, they all had to cope with the impossibility of having a simple tool at a desperate moment. These sort of problems will be over when they’ll hear about the Talon Ultra Lightweight Pocket Tool.

With over 17 tools claimed to get you out of trouble, we can say that the Talon is a pretty well equipped multi-tool for its „weight” class. It is beyond perfection for people on the go and especially for the busy ones that have to travel a lot. The tiny ultra-lightweight form makes the tool a perfect fit for everyone’s pocket. In addition, it is adaptable, so that it allows people to mix and match the tools contained after their main preferences.

As previously mentioned, the Talon includes 17 tools and also claims to match in a pocket-size carry. Besides the „basic” stuff, the multi-tool comes with metric and imperial wrenches and rulers, a box cutter, a bottle opener and some Philips and flat head hex drives ready to be swapped up.

Despite it being lightweight, this tool combines strength and durability, being tested thoroughly by its creators.  Made of advanced composite from aerospace and the military some say that the tool is strong as die cast metal.

The feature that should make you choose this multi-tool in disadvantage of others is its perfect structure that allows the tool to be carried in the same pocket with gadgets without scratching them. Because of this feature, it is more easy to just put it in your pocket and forget about it (until you need it, of course).

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