ComplentaryColourAt HisPotion, we are obsessed with ensuring that every man achieves the absolute pinnacle of sartorial success from head to toe, and with that in mind, this article is dedicated to covering the bases when it comes to matching your clothes from head to heel. This feat may seem easy to some, while others may have a few questions that need to be addressed now instead of later. Bearing that in mind, we have comprised a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect match and how to wear it well.

In the Mix – Color Combinations

It’s not just knowing which colors to wear together that won’t ultimately clash and take away from your look; it’s also knowing how far across the spectrum is possible once you decide on a hue for a particular jacket, a pair of pants, or shoes. With such a broad range of options available, it is important to start with the basics and then fan out.


  1. a black suit and black pants should be a no-brainer, so it should not even be a question of brown shoes being thrown into the mix.
  2. with a grey or twill suit, brown shoes are a better option than black ones, but they also will work if necessary.
  3. dark denim works best with brown shoes with the exception being if you pair them with a black button-up shirt or sport coat.
  4. navy suits match best with brown shoes although black ones in certain instances may match as well.
  5. dark khaki or olive twill pants and brown shoes are easy to pair with brown shoes.
  6. medium khaki pants and brown shoes are a definite match
  7. cream or light-colored corduroy pants work best with brown shoes, best accentuated with a top that is also a light tan (or similar hue)
  8. for white denim, brown shoes are a great look, with the exception being black if wearing a black shirt


Finding the perfect combination has always been a constant battle for men because there is no hard and fast rule when it involves matching up the colors of your overall look. As a general rule, however, for those moments when doubt creep in, err on the safer side of the spectrum.

Expanding on the theme of the perfect match, HisPotion has suggestions on what to wear your clothes with in order to achieve the perfect look for every situation at hand, from the classic to the formal and each one in between.


The classic gentleman’s look consists of a pair of black leather cap toe lace-up shoes, which are considered an absolute must in every man’s wardrobe. Other types to consider are bal wingtips, shiny black five eyelet lace-ups, and straight tip blucher shoes. Any of these are a great substitute or a great addition to your collection.

A great pinstripe suit is a definite step in the right direction for the man in search of a great look, and with a pinstripe suit, owning a pair of patent leather shoes or a pair of shiny posillipo shoes ensures that your look is flawless.


Men that prefer an edgier slant to their overall look can go the trendy route with ankle boots or even pointy-toed boots. The most important thing to remember is wear the clothes and not let them wear you. Following these winning notes on matching your apparel is one of the best gifts a fashion forward man can give himself.